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Thursday, June 21, 2007


The red lines show the migration routes taken by the L3 Haplogroup
Hurrah! I interupt my prolonged diatrabe about my recent Minnesota vacation to bring you a late breaking news flash: My National Geographic Genographic Project results are in.
I am pleased to announce, that I belong to the genetic haplogroup: L3 (subclade L3e2).
Ok, now no doubt, you are wondering, 'what the eff does that mean?' It means I belong to the oldest, the first group of rebellious youngsters of humanity to say, 'Ef this crap, I'm outta here!'. It was my ancestorial group (L3 which mutated from L2 group) who picked up lock, stock and loin cloth to leave Mother Africa.
Yes, unlike my stay-at-home ancestors of the L2 or L1 haplogroup, it was my rebellious arsed forebearers that pushed and hunted their way out of West Africa to populate the rest of Africa (sub-sahara, north Africa) and northwest into the Middle East.
Yes. You may well pause here. As sobering a thought as it is, I may be a distant cousin of Osama Bin Laden. Actually, since every human alive is at least the 53rd cousin of any other human on the planet, Osama is YOUR cousin too, so put that in your genetic alphabet soup and blow on it.

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