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Friday, March 23, 2007

Most Boring Topic in the Known World

What's the most boring topic in the world; someone else's dreams. However, since this is MY dream, not someone else's, so I know my dream is of great interest (oh shut up).

Haven't had this sort of nuclear holocaust dream since I was a kid; I was staring out the window at the city and saw a humongous bright flash of light, followed by a massive rush of rubble headed my way. I shouted to my brother Juan, cousin Fernandez (where the HELL did thoughts of Fernandez come from???) and niece Doris that a nuclear bomb had gone off. My brother pointed to a large football game going on at a nearby stadium, saying the explosion was only the cheering of the crowds, the dust storm was caused by the excited crowds of football fans cheering and waving home team flags.

Have no idea where the eff that dream came from. It was nice visiting with the relatives though, even if it was only in the dream scape.

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