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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Behold, the Only Thing Greater Than Myself! moreorless

So much for my personal pledge to cut spending. Came across the Genographic Project on the Internet today and couldn't whip out that ATM card fast enough. Here is what I get for my squadered pennies:
  • Bucal Swab Kit (eeeeew!) for collecting adequate Claire Samples (who knew the roots of my genetic heritage could be sampled without necessitating the dropping my drawers!);

  • a map showing the migration of humans from the dawn of time, i.e., not to include any recent migration north from Mexico, without whom I would have no veggies or fresh fruit to eat (Thank you agricultural workers!); and

  • DVD all about the Genographic Project and my perceived relevance to it.
I get all of the above, plus in a month or two I'll be able to look up myself up via my cool & ever-so-secret-identity for a look at the origins of my maternal lineage. I'm expecting some relationship to both Kizzy Kinte (Kunta's Mama) and more importantly, Royalty - i.e., Lady Lucy of the Gorge de Olduvai. I hope to see my paternal grandmama's roots too, she was half Cherokee so who knows where that particular family tree limb could lead. This ought to be fun!
Lady Lucy
In other news - I was late getting home from work today. The shuttle bus that whisks us to the State Parking Lot - often at movie chase scene speeds [e.g., turning corners with only one wheel on the ground] turned left at the park & we saw the bus came to a dead halt (no oncoming pun intended). Our #142 bus hit some poor sod attempting to cross the street. My arrival home was delayed.

Ghastly business; genetic material of the hapless victim was everywhere. No bucal swab kits around when its convienient.
[Management is appalled at Claire's callousness towards the hapless innocent that was run over yesterday by a humongous bus. Apologies are extended to the family of the individual as well as the flattened victim himself. Also management wishes the individual a recovery that is even speedier than was the aforementioned bus. The only excuse Management has for Claire's lack of judgment in her comments is because when two seemingly unrelated and diverse incidents happen all on the same day, one can hardly expect Claire to not celebrate the thin silk thread of commonality between the two isolated incidents i.e., a gene testing kit + a bus accident = a irrepressible giggle for Claire. ]

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  1. Now thats the sort of thing I expect from a gal like you. Bear