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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Claire Habitat

Several days ago, while rummaging around the Internet I ran across Neo Earth, which provided the oh-so-cool map of earth seen on the right side of this blog as Claire Habitat. Quite the eye-opener the thing is. Had no inkling that in a given day my blog gets visits – peeked at, if not actually read, from every corner of the Big Blue Marble (loved that show when I was a kid).

Neo Earth enabled me over the past week to know that I’ve had ‘guests’ from as far away as Ghana, Argentina, Stezzano Italy, Athens Greece, and several from China; Jilin, Taizhou and Bejing. How amazing to think, however brief the visits might be, that my ikle blog is peeked at - literally - around the world.

Not all the visitors are unknown entities. I know the visits from Yakima Washington are from my buddy Diane (Hi Di!). The New York visitor is most likely my brother (Yo, Juanie!). The viewer from Salt Lake City is no Latter Day Saint, but is a freshman at the University of Utah, my friend Carolanne (Oy, Carolanne!).

Isn't that too cool? So click on the NeoEarth map on the right, top of the blog and have a look at who's having a look. Travel the world without having to get through airport security. Liquids & gels in your back pocket & keeping your shoes on are all are A-OK here in Claire-land.

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