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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, Good Stuff

Hurrah! Had new windshield installed & now no longer need stare over a three foot horizontal crack to see the world wizzing by. Best thing is the replacement was about half what I was afraid it might cost.

Booo! I'm suddenly thrown decades back into the bad old days when I used to go to Weight Watchers and dispised my own body. The Curves 6 week class is more 'D' oriented than I thought it would be. I was horrified to discover they want to weigh me each week. Everyone else in our class had started the 'D' cold. Me? I've been watching what I wolf down for a couple of months now.

Still I gave in to the weighing. After voiding my pockets of; cell phone, iPod, purse, blue-tooth, spare change, lint, dust mites, I stepped onto the scale. Discovered that 7 agonizing days of rigid participation in the Curves 'D' program, I had managed to shed 1 whole pound. I was so pissed off, mentally I swore horrid oaths at my own fat arse and considered - ever so briefly - having my teeth and stomach removed.

Then our class of six sat down and the facilitator told us the morning class has lost a total of 19 lbs in the past week. Our collective hearts fell.

Then the facilitator gave us our group's weight loss for the past week - one and 1/4 lbs! I'd lost 66% of our class's total weight loss for the week! Suddenly I
was no longer the big fat loser! I was now the streamlined, sleek greyhound of success! Go ME!