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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Quarter Acre of Paradise

My House!
Quick post here - Here's my house on Google maps. I put in the yellow lines to show the borders and the north and west markers. I am tickled because the aerial photograph clearly shows things I've had a hand in; from minor things like installing the bench north of the pool (the black bar) The ash tree in the front yard looks nearly as large as the house itself. The eensie green blot to the north of the ash tree is the pitiful Chinese Hackberry that refuses to grow. The back yard was nothing but dirt when I took the house in 1994. Now you can see the grass I put in and the planter bed in the southeast corner of the back yard. The pale green blotch in that planting area is my Hawthorn tree that attracts and feeds Cedar Waxwings in the winter.

Ok, that's it for today - me gawking at technology.