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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Day Off

I took the day off work yesterday. Picked up my long-time friend Anna at the Sacramento Airport. Always love seeing 'Miss Anna'. She lives in Everet Washington now but used to live in Davis when I lived there too. I recall vividly the first time I met & we chatted I thought 'she is going to be one of my lifetime friends.' Danged if I wasn't right about that! We've had lots of adventures over the years. Later todayI might add a picture or two from those adventures at the Renaissance Fair at Black Forest Point, the Dicken's Christmas Fair in Oakland, Disneyland and such. Oh, and movies! Over the years Anna has been my number one movie buddy. She is movie brilliant while am all 'wha...?' I love seeing movies with Anna because afterwards if I have any questions she can 'splain it all to me.

After picking up Anna yesterday we did a grand tour of downtown Sacramento and West Sacramento, both of which have changed since Anna used to live here. Made a quick stop into Ikea where I picked up a few small items. Then we went to Davis in search of a crepe place that Anna used to frequent but that place is no more. We settled on lunch at a Chinese buffet then toured Davis. Gads, can hardly recognize the campus which is adding new buildings left and right in order to make the campus even more amazing and to add the costs for struggling students. Current quarterly fees are a whopping $2,485. YIKES! Compare that to the $125 a quarter when I was a student. Let's see if they taught me any math - that's a 1,988% fee hike. Maybe I got that wrong, though if so perhaps I should apply for my $125 back because they let a nincompoop graduate?

Anna and I did some light shopping in Davis then headed back to my house. Anna had a little nap - she had been up flying since 3 am! In the late afternoon I dropped her off at her sister's near Arco arena.

Always have fun with Anna. Sunday we will take a day trip to San Francisco. Anna was raised there. There will be pictures!