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Friday, May 26, 2006

Rocky III

Rocky, the raccoon who visited me since December (and prior to that visited incognito) is back.

You know, it occurred to me last night, I might be visited by more than one raccoon. Even if that is true, I will continue referring to them all as ‘Rocky’. The little guy I saw last night did not have the swaggering attitude of the last raccoon that had come in, eaten, and was on his way out when I happened to look up and see him. This 'new' raccoon was timid and seemed afraid of me. Its little paw trembled as it stared at me, in an affecting manner. One thing is that all racoons visiting my home do stare at me as I stare at them. The critters seem amazed at the humongous THING, i.e., me, before them. They think I'm the giant guarding a treasure - CAT FOOD - as in some fairy tale.

The cat flap being gone now, this was the first time the raccoon just marched through the open cat door. It was a daring thing for the critter to do; the area in front the fireplace, nearby the French doors is piled high with junk I back-hoed out the rear of the house; a mattress, a steamer trunk, piles of bed sheets, a basket of sewing trimmings. Trust me, timid though he/she may have seemed, a raccoon that walks off a dark patio and into a well lit house that by raccoon standards, reeks of cats and human scent and is full of foreboding piles of stuff is no diminutive and timid little forest critter. Maybe the paw trembling was old Rocky debating if he should just ignore the fat human and continue his investigations.