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Monday, May 08, 2006

Beautiful Horses, Just for Me

Today I received a new gift from a former co-worker who with his wife went to China and they brought me back an entire herd of horses! Aren't these spectacular terra cotta steeds spectacular? I am in love with them! A spirited lot, these steeds look ready to gallop across the Mongolian plains.

Terra Cotta Horses of Xi'an

Whenever friends of mine go on vacation, my one request is 'bring me back a horse'. That's not too much to ask is it? I asked Don, who is on his way to Arkansas/Tennessee to bring me back a horse and he wanted to know if I wanted a figurine. I reminded him that he already brought me back a horse once before - a lovely photo of a horse with a cart from Ireland.
I always request friends bring back a photo of a horse they take themselves. It all started when a co-worker was on her way to her first trip to London and she asked what I would like for her to bring back as a present for me; she knew I adore London though have not ever been there. I did not want to hamper her trip looking for something or me or dragging the extra weight around so I asked her to bring me back something totally British that cost a dollar or less (I was not thinking pounds). She returned from her trip with a Sunday London Times for me! The following Sunday morning I had a delightful morning drinking tea and reading the Times. *heaven*

I thought that was brilliant & decided that was the way to go when friends travel. I decided to ask anyone traveling to bring me back a horse photo - easy to accomplish and easy on luggage weight.

I now own a lovely digital herd of beauties from around the globe which includes a chestnut thoroughred on a Jamaican beach, fragil white ponies in Tibet, horses on a green sloping hill in Peru, a Maui quarter horse, a cute white donkey in Nevada, and last but not least; the Queen of England in her open carriage drawn by Cleveland Browns (a breed of horse, not a baseball team). I love my herd of international equine beauties.