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Friday, April 14, 2006

Oh shoot me now.

House once again filled with eau d' kitty. How? I've kept those varmints locked out UNLESS I am around to supervise the playground otherwise known as my livingroom. Of late there have been no stray cats or rogue raccooons within my home. So, where did the cat odor come from? My cats haven't sprayed ever - I stand by that.

Yes, I'm probably in denial.

Maybe one of my own cats (of course I suspect irritating Kola who has lion's share of all bad habits of kitty household). However, why would 12 year old cats suddenly start to spray? *grumbles*

Will devote weekend to de-odorizing the house so it does not smell like is inhabited by pathetic cat-woman - even if it is. <-- that is a joke. Honest. It is.