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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Last night I lay in bed, waking periodically from unpleasant dream after unpleasant dream in which my hair kept falling out. I had like a half dozen strands on my head and looked like a Chinese Crested dog with dandriff. Prior to going to bed, had throughly shocking and unpleasant intestinal... problem.

All of above occured because tomorrow is my bigarse presentation to highfalutin' muckity mucks at work. Cannot wait until presentation is all over.

I mean, it isn't as though presentation will be difficult. I will sit at a desk and read from paper in front of my nose, while audience and head big cheeses look at screens around the room (ok, what they normally do is chat with each and work out cross word puzzles as though they are taking notes and believe me - I don't blame them one bit). *sigh* I tell myself this is small potatoes, but my intestinal tract seems to think otherwise as it ties itself into adorable balloon animals, the gnu being my favourite.

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