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Saturday, February 25, 2006

You Will Not Believe This

Oh, you are going to love this. I happened across a site that is the Bible - Book one, the old testiment (fire & brimstone stuff) and Book 2, the New Testiment (all Jesus, all the time).

Ok, so now you are panicking. Claire is interested in Bible study? You are no doubt looking skyward - either in expectation of winged pigs, or the four horseman of the Appocalypse.

Relax. This is not the full Bible, it is sort of "Bible-lite". And, as you may well have expected, it is fully illustrated. I mean, come on, would Claire read a book without illustrations? (if any of you answered 'yes' I am going to GET YOU FOR THAT!).

No, not actually illustrated... it has photos, but not taken of the original Bible as I am told there were no cameras back then. No. Not even film photos. *Claire nods her head knowingly*. No, this Bible is entirely done in LEGO bricks. You have GOT to take a look. But first let me tell you what had me riveted in complete amazement - the Old Testament which as I said, is the Rathful God of Fire and Brimstone stuff. Much of it is largely ignored now, even by the Orthodox because well, you just can't get away with murdering your child for being rude to you even if God says it is not only OK, but necessary. You know?

What I have been thinking about is how some people pay close attention to some admonishions of the Old Testament (homosexuality is murder-worthy) but ignore others; my favourite being if a man is unmarried and his brother dies, he is obligated to marry his brother's widow so his brother's family line can continue. If the man refuses to marry his sister-in-law it is going to go VERY bad for him. Oh and the laws about slavery. YIKES!

There are loads and loads of rules that make every modern human a sinner for the most part. Facinating reading. Meself, I found the Old Testiment 'the Law' most shocking.

Go yee forth and have a look at this now oh yee sinners. Think how much fun it will be to get a phone call from family/friends, and when they ask what you are doing, you can tell them you are reading your Bible. For many of you it will mean calling 911 to revive your Mom.


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