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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Being LOW can be a GOOD thing

Since last fall my thermostat has been sent at 55 degrees. FIFTY-FIVE DEGREES! Do you know how cold 55 degrees is? You may trust my grasp of biology on this, when I tell you that 55 degrees is the temperature at which:

  • Small arctic rodents go into hibernation
  • polar bears put on a sweater
  • ice cream will not even think of melting
  • Yetis put on a sweater
  • cats grow a layer of fur that rivals the coats of Snowshoe Hares, Mink, Sea Otters
  • ice cubes put on a sweater
Bottom line, I dropped my gas usage by 53% less heat in the past month I still had to shell out $76 for so-called heating and for gas for a nice omlette for Sunday brunch. Oh, you wonder, but do I occasionally bake in my gas oven? Heavens, give me a a moment to laugh heartily at the very idea - me baking!

But Hurrah! As it turns out I have not frozen my arse off this winter in vain! Nor in vane did I wear layer upon layers of clothing indoors. Watching my breath crystallize before my very eyes for idle entertainment was in fact a good thing. Today I signed to pay my gas bill on line and noticed there will be a 20% rebate to customers who reduce their gas use by 10% over the winter.

I will recieve back some of the HUMUNGOUS amount of money I spent so icicles could hang from my household light fixtures.

Look here – the PG&E site actually calculated my actual gas consumption reduction so far this winter. Here it is below for my viewing entertainment & gloat enhancement. I dropped my gas usage 53% and as a bonus, this year I pay the same $ as I did last year, but I get to freeze!

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