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Monday, January 23, 2006

Attack of the Vacuum People Revisited

I just got around to researching the price of a Kirby vacuum on line, just to see the difference between the 'buy-it-NOW-damnit' sales people at my door, and on-line sales or prices on line from dealers in general.

Remember, I was offered the machine marked down from $1913 to around $1,400.Finally, after wringing their hands with despair at my refusal to buy, they gave their bottom offer of $1,100 for a used demo model.

I just got around to looking up a the price of Brand new Kirbys up on the Internet - not to buy, just for a look-see.

On line, the top of the Kirby line machine, brand new, goes for $700.

SEVEN HUNDRED! And those bastards offered to 'generously' sell me a used one for 1K!

That doesn't include the extra crap the one I was shown included, but with all the extras thrown in it is $860.

And actually I don't know that the 'extas were even included with the machine as offered to me. Those were probably add-ons they would hit the customer with when they rang up the sale. No wonder they push to sell to you before you have time to think. They don't want you to have time to research.

Daddy was right - salespeople are bottom dwelling, low life, mouth breathers.

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