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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Adopt a Cliche Day


It's POURING rain. Made the mistake of opening the livingroom blinds and having a peek. All the flowerbeds are sans flowers and look like small lagoons. The rain gutters are overflowing - and worse, the hole in the fencing was NOT visited overnight by the fence-fairies with I stubbornly insist DO exist and are NOT figments of my imagination.

What to do... what to do...

Aha! I know. Ignore it until next weekend, because it IS raining Great Danes and Norwegian Forest Cats out there.

Side note, I noticed there are like five berries on the Hawthorn tree. That means the Cedar Waxwings have been here, filling their wee guts with the berries, as they are supposed to. Good little birdies. I wish I could pat them on their crested little heads. The more berries they eat, the fewer volunteer Hawthorns to vex me come springtime.
Tasks of the day: Box. Mail. Clear crap. Make phone calls.

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